Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday 5 January 2010 – 157 DAYS TO THE WORLD CUP

The German group is one that will always be of great interest to any self respecting England supporter as invariably they will tend to be in the competition at least as long as we are, if not longer.

On face value it would appear that the Germans have been lent an easy route out of the group stage ghetto. Realistically even though they house a great number of Premiership players (including Millwall’s own discovery Tim Cahill) Australia are only likely to cause minimal trouble for any real seasoned footballing nation that will cross their path. Likewise with Serbia you can never really tell with Eastern European nations as they tend to go through waves of performing above their station before sloping back to apparent mediocrity when the juice runs out.

As ever Germany possess a huge presence when it comes to any tournament even though they are currently past their best as a footballing superpower. It is interesting to note that Germany has never actually won the world cup as a unified nation and for some reason when they were known West Germany there was something of a more intimidating air to their side. Currently managed by Joachim Low it is possible to envisage them being part of the last four but as to them being actual winners of the tournament it doesn’t really look likely.

In Ghana is a footballing nation that more knowledgeable people than I are expecting big things from, indeed it has even be murmured that they could be the first African nation to win the World Cup one day. It should be pretty revealing when they play the Ivory Coast at the African Cup Of Nations on 15 January.

As ever Australia will be fun to watch and support as they will have a number of familiar faces in their lineup but it is difficult to see either them or Serbia progressing past the group stage unfortunately. Famous last words.

This group is of particular note to English people as the runner up of the group will be the team to play winner of Group C, which everyone is expecting to be England.

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