Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thursday 6 May 2010 – 36 DAYS TO THE WORLD CUP

This is the big one, Election Day. At a time such as this the country really needs a Capello type figure out front but instead we get Brown, Cameron and Clegg. These are not alpha males. Some of them are not even Englishmen. Football and politics do not mix (anyone remember Colin Moynihan?) and I hope the winner of this pissing contest remembers this when the World Cup arrives this summer.

Myself, today I am going on a date. Usually these things tend to end in tears but this time this one appears keener than usual. She and I have already discussed football on the phone and I think we have an understanding regarding the World Cup. I think so. On the outset of things it all goes well.

Back to the election as the coverage is pretty good with Rod Liddle appearing on the Come Dine With Me special on Channel Four (Liddle being a fellow Millwall supporter). By this point however with the exit polls pointing towards the inevitable Cameron victory I soon find myself falling asleep. Dark times.

In the real world (the football world) two friendly matches were played today as Argentina took on Haiti and beat them 4-0 with debutant Facundo Bertoglio scoring a brace either side of halftime. Just what this actually says of the team is open to debate.

The other game saw Chile defeat Trinidad And Tobago 2-0 which equally fails to shed much light on the prospects of Chile with their Group H campaign although it may give them some idea as what to expect from Honduras.

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