Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday 6 June 2010 – 5 DAYS TO THE WORLD CUP

Touch wood I reach midday of this fine Sunday morning with no negative stories regarding the World Cup. Nobody has been injured or dropped down dead in the last twelve hours so all is well it seems.

After a lengthy day yesterday I awaken at 10.15AM to the sight of Peter Shilton on The Big Questions in essence talking about football as religion. He is sat next to a fully robed Muslim and this ain’t pretty or blatantly going to end well. Thankfully/fortunately the TV studio breaks down and they have to cut the broadcast short.

On the pitch today Nigeria play a friendly against North Korea and run out 3-1 victors. In the competition Nigeria will be playing South Korea which equates to this game being something of a “they all look the same to me” type encounter. It really feels like a cynically arranged fixture in comedy style. Amongst the Nigerian scorers is Yakubu as Cha gets sent off for North Korea through a second yellow card. Who gets sent off in a friendly? The group of death beware.

Yeah right.

Tonight I learn that a friend of mine is moving to Australia for a year. It would appear that England is just too much for him, doing his head in under this new trite Con-Dem government. By the time he is in Oz it is quite possible that England may be facing Australia in the first round. He could be our spy.

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