Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010 – 9 DAYS TO THE WORLD CUP

Last night I had a dream that Capello left Rooney out of the England squad. Needless to say the response is naturally interesting.

Today the NME published its alternative guide to the World Cup. On the cover of the publication it places Russell Brand arm in arm with Serge from Kasabian. There is so much wrong with this scenario, where to begin.

Music and football aren’t really easy bedfellows. Music has always tried to be masculine, to be alpha male but it is just of a different mindset and mentality to football. A gig crowd and a music crowd have traditionally been two very different sets of individuals and realistically that is how it should be although in recent years (the Sky era) the lines have become blurred.

In Brand and Serge here are two people you feel are jumping on the bandwagon. For the longest time Brand has professed to be a West Ham regular (earning his stripes) but realistically it is not a team/club you should be getting so passionate about. Pretty boys should not be taking such roles in football, the role being representative of a club’s fanbase. The scourge that was West Ham when they played Millwall in the crap cup at the beginning of the season brings things almost polar of what today’s music magazine is trying to present as what is football.

The Kasabian thing is even more sickening. For some reason this piece shit of band are who Umbro chose to unveil the new England strip with. They unveiled it during the encore of a gig for the band in Paris. Paris, France! This Serge guy, he is Italian and yet he was happy to take the pound (and sell out his country) to promote the shirt (although to his credit he did not wear one). The singer however happily mugged for any camera in his new red England shirt despite years ago declaring his allegiance for Ireland. This truly is a confused state of affairs. This is something that should be nowhere near football culture.

Pele wept.

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