Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wednesday 9 June 2010 – 2 DAYS TO THE WORLD CUP

With only a couple of days left before the big kick off now people appear to be resoundingly disillusioned with regards to the capability of the England squad. It was never any secret that there wasn’t much strength in depth and their campaign was always going to be reliant on the performance of such backbone players as Rooney but now people are becoming vocally edgy.

Thankfully other than this today we manage to go a whole day without any bad news emerging from South Africa. Indeed it would seem now that most other fancied nations are experiencing various injury crisis of their own.

Tonight I head down to the Soho Theatre for the opening night of the new play Dandy In The Underworld based on the Sebastian Horsley book. I don’t think there is much I could do in London to get as far removed from the World Cup at this time.

Elsewhere the final series of Big Brother begins tonight and the latest group of gaggling divs enters the house in the hope of winning stardom. The beginning of this at this time proves that reality TV waits for no one as it will now serve to prove a horrible clash with the football. Even the Junior Apprentice finale appears to have been brought forward in order not to clash with the football. Is there really such a gulf between football supporters and reality TV fans? Aren’t they both Russell Brand, Vernon Kay and Dermot O’Leary fairy types? Is not modern man a fan of both strands of entertainment?

I end the evening in happy knowledge that tomorrow is my last day at work for ten days as I have booked the entire week of the World Cup off as holiday leave at work. For the win.

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